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Temporary Dialysis

Temporary Dialysis(Travel Dialysis/Business trip Dialysis)

Temporary Dialysis

Temporary Dialysis(Travel Dialysis/Business trip Dialysis)

Tanaka Urology Clinic provides temporary dialysis (travel dialysis and business trip dialysis) to suit the lifestyle of patients.

This allows patients to receive dialysis treatment at their business trip or destination when they need to be away from their regular dialysis clinic due to a travel or business trip.

Advantages of Temporary Dialysis
(Travel Dialysis/Business trip Dialysis)

01: You can choose the location

Patients can receive dialysis treatment at a location of their choice, without being tied to their regular dialysis clinic. Our clinic has four locations in Osaka (Suita City, Hirakata City) and Nara (Ikoma City, Nara City), so it is convenient if you need dialysis while traveling or on a business trip.

02: Professional support

A team of experienced doctors and staff will install and monitor the equipment necessary for temporary dialysis. You can receive treatment with peace of mind.

03: Clinic collaboration and clinical care

In collaboration with the clinic where patients receive artificial dialysis, we provide the same clinical care as regular dialysis, even though it is temporary dialysis. You can receive safe and effective treatment under the guidance of specialized dialysis treatment staff.

Flow of temporary Temporary Dialysis
(Travel Dialysis/Business trip Dialysis)

01: Please determine the itinerary

Please decide your destination and travel period.

02: The patient contacts the facility in hospital

Please inform the dialysis facility you are visiting of your desire for temporary dialysis (travel dialysis/business trip dialysis).

03: Please contact us from the facility in hospital

 Please contact Tanaka Urological Clinic from the dialysis facility in hospital.

04: Please send necessary documents from our clinic to the facility in hospital

 We will send the form of a letter of introduction and dialysis summary format for overseas medical institutions by e-mail to the facility in hospital.

05: Please send necessary documents from the facility in hospital to our clinic

 Please submit the completed required documents to Tanaka Urological Clinic.

06: Please determine patient acceptance date and time

We will confirm the appointment based on the patient’s itinerary and necessary documents.

07: Come to our clinic

Please come to our clinic on the confirmed appointment date and time.

<Necessary Documents>

  • Patient Referral Document (please obtain it from your family doctor who usually performs dialysis)
  • Various insurance cards, medical certificates, etc.
  • We will ask you to write down your emergency contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of your family members), so please bring something that can be used to identify them.

*The above is a standard example. Please confirm what you will need when contacting us.

About Dialysis Summary

If you are undergoing dialysis, you will need a referral letter and a dialysis summary that includes the conditions for dialysis. In principle, please fill out the required documents in Japanese or English.

Please enter drug information using the generic name, not the product name. Also, please enter the units for each item in the blood test results.

About the cost of treatment

Hemodialysis (HD) 4 hours ¥42,000
+1 hour ¥3,000
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) 4 hours ¥45,000
+1 hour ¥4,000
Epoetin Kappa 750 ¥500
Epoetin Kappa 1500 ¥800
Epoetin Kappa 3000 ¥1,300
Darbepoetin Alfa 10 ¥1,500
Darbepoetin Alfa 20 ¥2,600
Darbepoetin Alfa 30 ¥3,700
Darbepoetin Alfa 40 ¥4,500
Roxadustat 20 ¥600
Roxadustat 50 ¥1,100
Roxadustat 100 ¥2,100